Thursday, March 12, 2009

Express Yourself: A Novel Idea! Paperback Wallets

Covers from weeded paperbacks (these can be popular, well loved YA books weeded from your collection or retro donated copies of classics and pulps)

Contact paper


Needle and thread (optional: if you choose to use this, you will want upholstry thread and a strong sturdy needle)

1. Cover both sides of the Novel Cover with contact paper.
2. Fold the wallet into thirds to create the wallet shape.
3. Either sew the sides with needle and thread or use a small strip of contact paper to hold the pocket together.
4. Attach the velcro to make a closure for the wallet.

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Anonymous said...

You have great ideas. What are you planning to do for the Beyond Reality Teen Read Week theme this year?

Waterford Library
Waterford, CA