Thursday, March 29, 2007

My Kitchen

I have begun spring cleaning on my two days off from work. I have a big break from work next week and I hope to get the house clean and sparkling while spending some time with my daughter. Yesterday, I got the kitchen in tip top shape. We have lived here for almost a year and I have decided it is time to get everything painted and the shelves hung so the plethora of books can finally leave the boxes in my attic. I am quite proud of the kitchen, so I am going to post some pictures for you :)

My boyfriend painted and we chose this color called "chinese yellow". We were scared to use so much yellow, but I absolutely love the way it turned out.

The inspiration was the "We Can Do It" print. I love pin-up art, war art and airplane nose art and the kitchen seemed like a nice place to use that motif. When I moved my old boss bought me a clock with the "We Can Do It" picture. I love it.

Another quirk about my kitchen is that all of my plates do not match. I have collected single plates in the blue and yellow motif because that color combo makes me happy.

Another strange bit of info... because of my last name, I collect Campbell's Soup memorabilla. It's nice because it adds a slpash of red to my color scheme.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Another Meme... From ZeeSays

I was requested to list 5 non-library blogs that I read.

NEW ART - a look at new art trends
ALTERED ARTIST- two women and their latest obsessions
VINTAGE STYLE GUIDE- for women who like a little past in their present
LITANY- for the latest news on my favorite band, Skinny Puppy
OPACITY- beautiful photography of urban ruins

Friday, March 23, 2007

Sculpture: The Queen of Insects (638)

This is a sculpture I made in response to a horrific incident that happened to me when I first moved here to Raleigh.
First of all, I have always loved bugs. I have a collection of dead bugs: butterflies I find in the street, dead dragonflies,etc. I also really love beetles that are shiny and irridescent. I have never killed a bug for my collection, but I feel they have still turned against me, knowing my fascination with them.
About 3am, I awoke from a dead sleep screaming because I heard this horribly deafining, high pitched squeeky clawing sound. After totally freaking my boyfriend out and waking up my daughter, we rushed to the emergency room. I knew there was a bug in my ear, but the ER people really just thought I was on drugs. Finally, after looking in my ear, they saw the Japanesse Beetle and had to remove it. They drugged me up big time, but my boyfriend and daughter could hear me screaming in the waiting room. The little critter had made his way to my ear drum and the sound was the most painful part of all. I have the removed bug in a case on my bookshelf and made this sculpture to help make sense of this experience.

5 Questions about me... a meme

I am participating in this chainblog from ZEESAYS
If you want 5 questions from me, leave a comment and I will give you 5 different questions.

1. Tell me about one holiday tradition your family has that you think is unique.

We have several, so it is hard to choose one. My Mom was really disgusted by the politics of Thanksgiving and the fact that it seems to be such a sexist holiday where men watch football and the women cook all day. She revolted by creating the tradition that we go bowling on Thanksgiving.
One that I created for my family is to simplify things. My daughters birthday is the day after Christmas. We have a small celebration amongst family, where I give her a special gift, we light a candle and I tell her about the day she was born and watch home movies of her baby-days. We have a real party with friends and such on June 26th, her half birthday in the spirit of Alice In Wonderlands Mad Hatter Tea Party and sing "A Very Merry Un-Birthday".

2. What is one thing you regret?

This is a hard one, because I try to not regret anything. I feel the decisions I made are for a reason, and I just have to wait for that to be revealed to me. Don't get me wrong, I know I've made mistakes, but I don't regret them because they taught me something.

3. What is one movie you think all people should be required to see? Why? If it is not a movie that most people have seen, give a 1-2 sentence summary.

Hmmm... another hard one. I am really having trouble picking just one. But, I am going to go with REQUIEM FOR A DREAM. This is really a horrible movie, but that is why I like it. I think movies, theatre, music, literature, art, etc should have the power to totally grab you inside of it's world and this movie will do that. After watching it, you feel as if you have gone through everything the characters went through and you feel violated and dirty and thoughtfull. Somethimes it takes something very harsh to make people feel anything in the world we live in where we are constantly surrounded by media violence. This movie will break through anyones hard shell.
In short summary, it is about addictions and what they will drive you to do.

4. What is your favorite comfort food?

What woman isn't going to say chocolate? I prefer dark. But on a more original note, I like baked ziti or lasagna... especially my Mom's.

5. What is the scariest thing that's ever happened to you? How did you maintain the fear from overtaking you?

Another hard one. This question required a lot of thought. The scariest thing I ever did was leave my husband and enter the world on my own as a single parent. I decided to leave because he was abusive to me and did not want my daughter to see that. Knowing I made the right decision was the only thing that kept the fear of the unknown from taking over me. I had to be an example of a strong woman for her, and if that ment she had to go to daycare and life would be a lot harder, I knew it would be better for both of us in the end.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Monday, March 19, 2007

introduction (biographies~ located at the end of non-fiction)

My first post is to introduce myself and tell you why I made this blog.

We all begin by introducing our selves by what we do for a living. I am a Young Adult Library Assistant in a public library. For those not familiar, that means I work with teens. I help them research, I recommend books and I plan programs to get them into the library. I want to share my book reviews, displays and programming ideas along with talking about library systems in general and the challenges working with this age group presents. I hope I will discover others who work in this profession and we can help each other and share our tidbits of wisdom with each other. I also love discussing what I read and would love to discuss my readings with others. I really do enjoy YA literature and read a lot of it, but I have also promised myself to read a few more "adult books" this year. I am going back to school in the fall to finish my masters in library science and I am very excited to be back in school. I love school and I would go forever because I always want to know more about something. Another reason I turned to Blogger is because I had a myspace page which I loved, but my library has recently blocked the site and I can no longer post on there while the desk is slow. (trust me, I will blog more about this later...)

Next I will tell you about my family. I have a 6 year old daughter and I will mention her a lot. I also hope I can use this blog to keep my friends and family up to date on our adventures. She is amazing... she started talking in full sentences before she was a year old and expresses her self amazingly. She has a very active imagination and a strong spirit of independance. She is all girl and loves pink, dolls, dress-up and shoes. She has an extreme sensitivty for animals that leads me to believe she will run a rescue mission or at least own a million strays. She is quite dramatic, but what do you expect from a child named after a greek goddess (her name is Phaedra). I am not married, but in a very committed relation to a man I live with. We create all kinds of art together and share an amazing relationship that is burning and alive with passion. He also has a 14 year old son who spends every other weekend with us. I have no family that lives close by but consider my close friends my family. I am very close to my mother and consider her one of my best friends and owe so many of my best qualities to her. We are living far away from each other for the first time in my life, which is hard. After my divorce, I lived across the street from her and I know that would drive most people crazy, but I loved it.

To get even more intimate, I am a very artistic person and do not feel complete unless I create everyday. I want to post my art on here and hope I get lots of feedback on it. I am always trying new ideas and perfecting old ones. I really enjoy altered art and mixed media collage. I love altered books and have several going at all times. I have recently explored painting and sculpture and have made a few "spooky dolls". I also enjoy photography and find pleasure on being on both ends of the lens. I also design and alter clothes, and love any excuse to wear a costume or express myself with my appearance. I also occasionally design and direct for theatre (I have my undergrad in Theatre Education K-12.) and love writing, watching and performing in performance art. I am also the lyricist and front person for an industrial band that my boyfriend concocted. We have found mild success and love creating together. It's not for everyone, but I invite you to check it out or To explain it a bit before you get totally frightened, it is based on the ideas of Antonin Artaud's Theatre of Cruelty. I take on an alternate personality when I perform and the music and live show is designed to force the audience into feeling something in this time of apathy and desensitization. As a female front person, I strive to challenge what is considered beautiful. While my performance antics are shocking, I do not rely on vulgarity, gratuitous sex or even bad language to express my ideas. My boyfriend is an amazing musician and writes all of the music. It is electronically based but adds some interesting elements of scrap metal percussion and power tools for instruments.

So that is a slight introduction of what I will be posting on here. I hope I've peaked your interest and you will be back to visit again.