Thursday, May 10, 2007

My life in high school

It has been a very exhausting (but fun) week, and I still have 2 days to go!!
I have been booktalking to 9th graders all this week. I was a bit nervous because it was my first time to booktalk in a high school, but I am doing a great job!

The hardest part is being there at 7:30 in the morning. Another challenge, as an introvert, is finding time to restore my energy when I am done.

I have had the pleasure of working with 2 excellent teachers so far and I am very excited to meet the next 3 teachers I will be working with.

Here are the titles I have been talking about:
My Secret
Generation T
Pick Me Up
Zine Scene
Girl Director
Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist
Doing It
An Abundance of Katherines
So Yesterday

I am also telling them about programs we have done or will do in the future. I have mentioned:
Banned Books Week (this is their favorite)
T-shirt surgery
Teen Zine
Cyber Summer Reading
TV Production Workshop

Amazingly, I have done the best in the classes that are considered the "trouble-makers". It was an amazing compliment when the teacher told me if I could get through to them, than I had to know I was good at what I do.

The teens have been the most responsive to My Secret, Doing It, Banned Books Week and very eager to sign up for Cyber Summer Reading and the Teen Mailing List.

Hooray Me!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Day 2: Magic Kingdom and Epcot

We woke up and drove to the Magic Kingdom. We wanted to ride our favorites from last time and Kevin wanted to ride his favorites. We spent from 9 am untill 2 pm, jumping to our favorites.

We rode:
The Haunted Mansion. This was Phaedra's favorite ride from the last visit and one of my favorites as well. It is still original, and still very good. It is closing down this summer for refurbishment and I can't wait to see it after it's facelift.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Phaedra even had her arms up! What a daredevil!

Splash Mountain. This was my first time on this and it was fantastic.

Pirates of the Caribbean. Kevin's favorite. He bought himself a hat, and Ian a shirt for a souviner.

Monsters Inc. Comedy Club. It was also my first time to see this.

Phaedra was dressed as Snow White. It was so cute I could have vomited. All of the "cast members" addressed her as "her majesty". She was glowing.

Then, we rode the monorail to Epcot.

They were celebrating the Festival of Flowers and it was gorgeous!

We rode Spaceship Earth, Mission: Space, and Turtle Talk with Crush.
Mission: Space was incredible! We had read that 2 people died on the ride due to the intensity of the ride and that they now offer 2 versions. We, of course, did the more intense while my Mom and Phaedra took the less intense version. This was quite an experience, we both loved it and Phaedra enjoyed her version as well.
In Turtle Talk, Crush imediately choose the "dudette totally dressed as Snow White." He then talked with Kevin and it was all very cute.
We then made our way over the countries. Imagine the joy Kevin and I experienced when we found we could buy beer!! And each country has it's own native beer! Beer Tour!!! We began in Mexico with Dos Equis. We then moved to Norway (no time for beer) and rode Malestrom. The trolls were very neat.

I bought a souviner troll and we explored the country some more.

They had these neat stations set up around the countries where kids gathered a diecut image to add to a mask for each place they visit. They tables are hosted by a "cast member" who lived in that country. We had Phaedra gather facts from each one she went to and write them down in her passport.

Next we visited China. We ate eggrolls, orange chicken and sesame chicken salad and had Tsing Tao to drink. We also watched an acrobat show.

We then hit Germany and had Beck's to drink. Phaedra loves Germany and got to see the dancing and Grammy ate a pretzel.

To close out the night, we watched the fireworks.

Florida Vacation Day 1: Water and other liquids

We flew out of RDU airport on Thursday Night. I scrambled to get packed, and we had dinner and drinks in the airport. It was nice and we felt the excitement of a vacation as we unwound and smiled. We had a small layover in Atlanta, which I never mind because I love to people watch. It quickly turned into a mad dash because they changed our gate, but running across the people movers (while kevin raced us on the normal ground)was a lot of fun. We took off just as the sun was going down and the downtown lights were surreal and beautiful. My Mom and my Aunt picked us up at the airport and we spent a little time catching up with them and then crashed out for the night.
The next day started early. My Mom made a big breakfast and then we headed to the beach with my Aunt and her new husband. We cranked up Pink Floyd and knew the day was just going to be one big party.
The first beach we went to was cold and windy and we could see rain coming in the distance. It was beautiful... the water was black in the distance.

We drove a little further to another beach which was an example of Florida perfection. The sun was shining and the breeze was still blowing, but no sign of rain here! It was Phaedra's first time to play in the water, and she loved it so much.

This was a little inlet and the water was very blue. We explored an Indian Mound and I found amazing flowers to wear in my hair and a really great shell. Phaedra was very excited that she got to go out deep in the water with Kevin.

We then had a great lunch on the beach... fresh peel and eat shrimp and pitchers of beer! It was delicious!
Then, we headed back to the house and went for a dip in the pool. We packed a cooler of beer and spent hours enjoying the sun and the water. Next was dinner... my Aunt's famous salad and my Mom's famous broccoli cornbread. We also bought Key Lime pie and it was amazing.
We spent a few hours visiting with my cousin and Grandpa and then went to bed early (with a buzz from the beer, sun and water) for Disney the next day!