Friday, March 14, 2008

Eva's Next Top Libarian

Ha! My co-worker and I had a 'photo shoot' for our Librarian Trading Cards today. I was fooling around with them in photoshop and I really like this one.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Teen Tech Week!

This is my post about TTW 08

First of all, I just finished BEIGE by Cecil Castellucci. I enjoyed this book, but by far, the thing I enjoyed most was how each chapter was the name of a punk song. There were some great songs! Don't believe me? Here, listen for yourself:

I found a very cool website called Project Playlist ( You get to create your own playlist and post it anywhere just like I did above! I think I am going to start making book playlists. This seems like a great way to market books to teens.

Here are some photos of my TTW display. I think it turned out great and I wish the pictures captured it better.

I also had a CD Swap Party. Teens brought in a mixed CD, we made cool collaged covers for them while listening to music and discussing our favorite songs. We then swaped them and had all new music to bring home!