Saturday, January 19, 2008


I just found out that NICK AND NORA'S INFINITE PLAYLIST is going to be made into a movie!

I am also very excited about the A GREAT AND TERRIBLE BEAUTY movie!

And of course, TWILIGHT!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Change Your Inside

Many Teens are getting ready to graduate and will be living on their own for the first time or in a dorm at school. A great program idea to get them ready for this is a RAMEN COOK-OFF! Everyone knows that Ramen is a staple food in your teen and early 20's, so why not give them the skills (and forethought) to make Ramen so much more. It could even be used to impress a date!

You can give prizes for the most creative, best tasting, best presentation, etc...

There are great websites out there, just google "Ramen Recipes".

Friday, January 11, 2008

More on the Inspiration Cards

I wanted to add a great idea to the previous craft idea I mentioned. Dove Chocolates have neat little inspirational sayings inside their wrapper that are perfect for this craft. (I used one on the "live your dream" card pictured below.) Buy a bag of Dove chocolates, let the teens eat them and make their cards with the wrappers!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Metamorphosis- Change Your Outside

This is the section of the summer reading manual that features my contribution: Barbie Makeover.
I had this event in Boone NC at the Watauga County Public Library. It was a huge success! We bought dollar store Barbie dolls and asked the girls to bring in their old ones (if they were ready to part with them or even still had them around). We got all kinds of supplies and we made Barbie more realistic. We gave her grey hair, zits, used different flesh colored clay to make her body more realistic and cut of her feet and reattached them so she didn't have to walk on tiptoes. While we worked on Barbie we showed a documentary calledI, Doll which takes a well rounded look at Barbie and how she influences peoples lives.
We had wonderful discussions and the girls loved it!
The best part was our display of our work.

I have also conducted a mehendi program and it was very successful as well. Again, this program was at the Watauga County Public Library.

Another wonderful program idea for teen girls would need to be advertised as "a program to bring out your beauty". Teens will think they are coming for make-overs, but they will make this:

You can buy rolls of chain and necklace closures, bags of small keys and the bottle charms at craft stores. print out the word confidence, throw in some glitter and everyone is gorgeous!

I also had an idea for a program based on the book,
The Plain Janes. In the book, PLAIN stands for people loving art in neighborhoods and was formed by Jane to make the world more beautiful, noticable and happy. I call these Inspiration Cards. They don't really change your outside, but rather your world. This could also be used along with the book, Stargirl

They are collages made on playing cards with words and phrases designed to inspire and encourage. The purpose is to make them and leave them in public places to make someone smile, or think, or feel warm and fuzzy.

Teens always love my collage programs. It's so creative and easy and open ended. You can buy the metal words and phrases in a craft store along with great paper. It's really easy to collect great collage supplies and it really doesn't cost anything! Save your weeded magazines and old foreign language newspapers.

The very first program I did when I began working in Wake County was a Tshirt Surgery program. There was a HUGE turnout and they keep asking for another. There are great books out there to give you directions and tips, including Generation T.

Our TAB group also make Tshirts using stencils. If you have a graphic image you would like to use, print it out, tape a piece of overhead projector acetate sheets to the image and use an xacto knife to cut out the stencil. We love our shirts!

Up Next: Change your Inside

Friday, January 4, 2008

Don't bug me, I'm reading

I am a contributer for the CSLP Summer Reading Manual for teens and I will be presenting at our regions event. This is my second year presenting on teen crafts. I wanted to give everyone, not just those who came to my session, a place to go for ideas and photos, so I am putting it up here.

Maybe I'll help even more people.

This year's theme is Metamorphosis @ Your Library (Catch the Reading Bug for the little kids)
This leads to the most wonderful topic- BUGS!
I really like bugs, and I have a dead bug collection. I don't kill them, I have to find them... I use them for art.

The manual includes a craft on "BUG-IGAMI" and I had a few great ideas to add to the idea. We have this great lamp in our YA area and I thought origami butterflies would look beautiful hanging from it. But for those who don't have our amazing lamp, I came up with a whimsical idea to get your YA area ready for Summer Reading!

This can be hung from the ceiling or a branch can be put in a small bucket with rocks to hold it in place.

have each teen that signs up for summer reading make a butterfly to add to the branches! Or have teens make one for each book they read all summer long! Imagine how many butterflies!

Why not add christmas lights? And if origami is intimidating, you can always have the tissue paper and pipe cleaner butterfly option. They are beautiful as well, and variety is nice.

This can also be a take home craft program to go along with the "MySpace- not the computer kind" Interior Design program. Girls would love to have one of these in their room!

To go along with the idea of metamorphosis as change, have the teens write a wish or something they want to let go of on a butterfly and attach it to a helium balloon and set it free. You could also do this along with the Monarch Butterfly raising actiity, "Set Them Free" mentioned in the manual. Use the PostSecret books by Frank Warren as a display to promote the program.

Origami bugs and tissue paper butterflies make great Book Flags for Teen Picks when they are attached to a clothespin! This will also have your Teen Area crawling with a festive look!

I also wanted to share some of my favorite jewelry that people of all ages love that would make a great teen prize:

These can be found at:
maxilla and mandible

and cheaper here

up next: change your outside!