Friday, March 23, 2007

Sculpture: The Queen of Insects (638)

This is a sculpture I made in response to a horrific incident that happened to me when I first moved here to Raleigh.
First of all, I have always loved bugs. I have a collection of dead bugs: butterflies I find in the street, dead dragonflies,etc. I also really love beetles that are shiny and irridescent. I have never killed a bug for my collection, but I feel they have still turned against me, knowing my fascination with them.
About 3am, I awoke from a dead sleep screaming because I heard this horribly deafining, high pitched squeeky clawing sound. After totally freaking my boyfriend out and waking up my daughter, we rushed to the emergency room. I knew there was a bug in my ear, but the ER people really just thought I was on drugs. Finally, after looking in my ear, they saw the Japanesse Beetle and had to remove it. They drugged me up big time, but my boyfriend and daughter could hear me screaming in the waiting room. The little critter had made his way to my ear drum and the sound was the most painful part of all. I have the removed bug in a case on my bookshelf and made this sculpture to help make sense of this experience.

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