Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Vegetables Rock! By Stephanie Pierson

This book is perfect for answering questions on nutrition and diet and will make the decision of becoming a vegetarian easy on both the teen and the parent. The facts are disguised behind a fun, casual voice that makes the information digest a little easier. After reading this book you will know what you need to be eating and how to gain those nutritional elements.
It also explains the emotional side of being a vegetarian. It tells you all the different reason people decide to become a vegetarian and asks you to know why you are a vegitarian. It expresses that if you know why you are a vegetarian, you can defend yourself when meat eaters critize you. It also helps explain the different types of vegetarians (from vegan to sortavegetarian) and uncovers some of the spiritual reasons vegetarianism is practiced. Did you know that word 'vegetarian' has nothing to do with vegetables? It comes from the Latin word vegetare which means "to enliven". Another interesting fact.... The first American experimental vegan community was in part founded by the father of Louisa May Alcott.
The downfall to this book was it's recipies. I don't think they would really appeal to teens. Some of them seemed a bit to complex for my taste and I like to cook.
I will still definetly recommend this book to teens who think they would like to become a vegetarian AND to parents of vegetarian teens.

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