Monday, April 14, 2008

Ren Faire

Our annual family trip to the Ren Faire is always fun. Despite all the money Ian and Kevin spent at the Faire last year, neither of them wore their costumes. I'll be sure to remind them of this when they feel the urge to buy costumes again.

This year we battled the rain, but it added a bit of authenticity to the day. This made Kevin happy as it ment many trips to the Mead Tent to dry off. They have great bawdy entertainment which begins with the disclaimer that "if the kids get the jokes, it's not their fault."

All and all we were soggy, but had a good time. Phaedra got some Baby Dragons (2 anoles) and named them Rose and Thorn and we are going to have more baby dragons! Joy!

I leave you with my Knights in action.