Monday, July 30, 2007


as a kid, i remembered being loaded in the car while it was dark and sleeping most of the trip, awaking with only a little ways to go to get to our destination. i thought this would be the way to go so we didn't have to entertain phaedra for the whole 11 hour drive. we left around 1am Thursday morning, drove about 4 hours and pulled over to sleep a few hours because phaedra wouldn't go back to sleep. we stopped at a horrible little motel and slept till 8am and hit the road. i am convinced it was the right decision... we all got some rest and could have a plesant journey.

we got to florida and i took over the drive. of course, i was cought in a speedtrap in lawtry florida, one of the most famous in the nation.

we arrived in st.pete and checked into our hotel. st. pete is a neat little area that has a retro cabana feel to it. our hotel was right on the beach with a large pool and a tiki bar. we were starving, so we immediately went to the hotel restaurant. i ordered a pina colada and king crab legs. what a way to begin the vacation! we then walked down the beach to my cousin's hotel where the wedding would take place. we met my dad and stepmom, aunt and cousin and my mom at the bar and had a few drinks... which led to a lot of drinks. phaedra went to sleep in the suite with some of my family and kevin and i strolled the beach to our hotel. i have never been big on going into the ocean, and this was my first experience with the gulf. i was quite drunk so kevin convinced me to get in. even though it was dark, i couldn't believe how warm and clear the water was. eventually we ended up in the water naked swimming toward the pool of moonlight on the water and floating around pretending to be mermaids. we went back to the hotel, changed and showered all the sand off of us and crashed out. you know you've been together a long time when your kidless and drunk and just pass out.

the next morning we went for a swim in the ocean and then got ready for the wedding. here are some pictures for you to enjoy:

the reception was fun and in a beautifull location overlooking the beach. guess who caught the garter!?!

the next day we went swimming in the ocean and the pool and went out to dinner with my dad and aunt. we ate at the restaurant above the wedding hotel and it revolves! it was very cool!

sunday we drove home and stopped at cheesy tourist traps

check out this really freaky thing i found... i'm not sure what it is...

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