Monday, July 9, 2007

I need your help... Library Zine!

I recently attended the ala conference in washington dc and i was uber inspired by a session i went to where several libraries discussed their zine collections.

we recently had a teen produced zine at my library and i am very interested in getting it started back up and testing the waters to take it one step further. So, i need your help....

I am going to create a library zine, so that "higher ups" can relate and learn what a zine is. I need your contributions for this to work.
the title of the zine is WEEDS mz. red @ the library. it will be an alternative look at libraries and librarianship. i am currently writing feature articles on how to express your funky individualism in a professional workplace and discussing the new look of librarians. I am also doing a "twisted storytime" section and other great surprises...
BUT.... I need you!
i need:
true library stories... tales of strange patrons, strange finds in returned books, etc...
librarian testimonials... why did you become a librarian? what do you love most about your job?
book recommendations for the truly well-read.... what is your favorite book and why?
Networking... what are you the expert on and how can we contact you?
Art... anything inspired by the library or librarians, etc...

I am not only looking for librarians to contribute. If you love the library tell me why... love a librarian? why?... write a funny story about the library (or even a short erotic piece...)

send me anything!

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